Artist Statement:

My art is a reflection of my love of color and bold images. I paint on large canvases using acrylic paint, exotic papers and mixed medium, along with copper, gold and bronze to capure the light. I paint memories and images which capture my imagination. As a child growing up in Saudi Arabia, I was enchanted with images of the desert - Arabian horses, camels and palm trees ablaze in the desert sun, making the sky, sand dunes and streets shimmer in gold. I strive to capture those exotic elements in my work.

About the Artist:

Julie Harris was born in Cork, Ireland. She grew up in Saudi Arabia where her dad was with the Arabian American Oil Company. Julie lived in Saudi for 10 years, traveling broadly. The region's exotic scenes made a deep impression on her. It is from this well of assimilations that she draws inspiration for her paintings. Julie has taken numerous art courses both in Arizona and in California, most recently at UCSD in LaJolla. 
Juile has a passion for metallic paints, particularly gold and copper. She uses them richly in her work, which is whimsical and joyful.

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